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How to import a Vehicle

After your have found a vehicle, confirmed your purchase and receive a receipt of your details, we will issue the Proforma Invoice.

According to which supplier your vehicle is being shipped from. Some suppliers may require 100% payment up front, Some 50%,

with the 100% payment, documents will be sent early as soon as they are received from the shippers.

with 50% payment you have the option of waiting until we receive the Bill of Lading (a document proving the shipping Company has your vehicle on the ship) then you can make the final payment then receive the documents, or you can wait until the vehicle has arrived in Barbados and you have inspected  the vehicle  to make sure its in good condition. (recommended)


After the final payment is made documents will be posted  to us via express DHL or FEDEX. Processing the Vehicle through customs will begin on vehicle arrival


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